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April 2023 - AGM

Updated: May 24, 2023

Annual General Meeting 2022-23

13th April 2023

Flamboyant, World Trade Centre

The AGM was brought to order by Sarita Shroff. She spoke about the excellent meetings conducted in the past year under the 3 outgoing Presidents. Shashi Agarwal - A wing, Nikita Agarwal - B wing and Rachna Agarwal - C wing

The incoming Presidents were introduced: Ujjwal Chordia - A wing, Vandana Sekhsaria - B wing and Sarika Vaid - C wing.

Charity projects in 2022-23 - Kiran Arya, Treasurer & Charity Head presented her report. 1. Full financial given to support 130 orphan girls at Samparc Balaram, Bhaje, Lonavala 2. Eye camp in Mumbai in Dec ’22, where 1203 specs were distributed, & 14 cataract operations done.

3. Medical Camp at Samparc where the needy were given artificial limbs, wheelchairs, tricycles etc. EARS: 125 hearing aids were distributed. EYES: 31 cataract surgery done, and 300 specs given.

Exhibition & Seva Kitchen Seema Kejriwal presented her report. # 2 small shows were held at Turf Banquets, Racecourse, since Dome was not ready. That helped to collect funds to host the medical camps and support the Samparc Balgram orphanage children.

Ruchika Fest will be held at Dome on 3rd & 4th August 2023. # Seva Kitchen has been supported with monthly dry rations. They are moving to a bigger place in Worli to feed 1000 kids daily. The Club has donated Rs. 500,000/- towards this.

Nayee Disha: Jyoti Jalan talked about the classes to empower women. Girls are trained in various skills which will enable them to earn a living like a beautician’s course, mehendi application, computer basics, English speaking, and tailoring. This is taught at a nominal fee of Rs 200. Each course is for 2-3 months. More than 400 students have earned their certificates here.

Nayee Disha products: Ujjwal Choradia presented her report. The centre has hired four girls and two elderly, retired tailors permanently. Various products like Destination jewellery, Casual necklaces made with cloth & crochet, Jewellery pouches, Quilted pouches to store crockery & cutlery, Beach bags, Kids’ clips & hairbands, Table mats, Glass covers, Rakhis, Bhagwan ka Poshak. Orders are executed for weddings/ mehendi/ birthday parties/ pujas and functions, potlis/ torans and return gifts. Volunteers are invited to teach their skills and help the Centre to grow.

Web & Media: Supriya Agarwal spoke on the many facets of Ruchika’s personality – meetings, outdoor camps, Charity projects, our vocational centre, medical camps etc. Visiting the website and following the Instagram posts would keep one updated about the good work Ruchika is doing.

Website:; Instagram: ruchikaclub; Facebook: Ruchikaclub

The Presidents thanked the members for their support and appreciation through the year. The Founders, Advisors, Committee Members for their vision, ideas, and efforts to make every event a success. The Vietnam trip was a resounding achievement possible only with meticulous planning and teamwork. It left them with a deep sense of gratitude towards the club and members.

Annual Report ruchika 2023
Download PDF • 9.18MB

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