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Our Story

“I joined the Club expecting to make friends -
but I ended up with a family.”

The Ruchika Club is a prestigious organization of talented women, with a

 philanthropic intent.

With 500 members of different ages, the Club is like an extended family spanning three generations under the same banner.

Started on 24th August 1972 with just 11 members, the club has grown in stature and experience over the past years of its existence. The initial members form the ‘A’ wing of the club.

In 1986, the ‘B’ wing included their daughters, daughters-in-law, and other youngsters, injecting a new burst of energy and ideas.

On 14th July 2005, Ruchika’s ‘C’ wing was introduced. The younger generation of Ruchikas are enthusiastic, talented, and technically savvy, in keeping with the times. Members skillfully juggle their careers alongside their homes and family.

Today, the Club has evolved with confidence and poise. From small gatherings at member's homes in 1972, today spacious auditoriums are required to host our joint meetings.

Dreams become realities through sweat, determination and hard work.

Every year we better our own standards, through teamwork and perseverance. New leaders are born, new talents unearthed, and higher goals of perfection are achieved. We keep adapting, to be architects of a new and better tomorrow.

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About the Logo

The Ruchika logo is a symbol of womankind standing tall and converging as one. The peacock’s crest on top, symbolizes feminine beauty and grace.

The large ‘R’ (Ruchika) is the cementing factor, binding women together.

The two faces looking in opposite directions, despite their differences, they live in harmony.

The Peacock Crest is the Krishna Kamal, the Flower of Friendship with the Fragrance of Fellowship, bonding members together.


Our Motto


In keeping with this, the Ruchikas leave their sparkle wherever they go.

Over the years, friendships formed at club level, have often resulted in a deeper bond, of friends turning into family through marriage.

Adopting the motto in their daily lives, members have cemented relationships, forming a circle of friends around them.