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Our Story

Ruchika Club celebrates its Glorious Golden

journey of

of 50 years on 24th August 2021.

Initially started with just 11 members,

the club now has 410 members of different ages,

like an extended family,
bonding under the same banner.

The ‘A’ wing was extended in 1996, to include the ‘B’ wing,
injecting the Club with a new burst of energy. The ‘C’ wing was
introduced in 2005. The younger generation are enthusiastic,

talented, and technically savvy.

Their out-of-the-box ideas are an asset for the Club.

Dreams become realities through hard work and determination.

Every year we raise our standards,
through teamwork and perseverance.
New leaders are born, new talents unearthed,
and higher goals of perfection are achieved.
We keep adapting, to be architects of a better tomorrow.

Our Story: About Us
Ruchika Club LOGO (1).png
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The Ruchika logo is a symbol of womankind standing tall
and uniting as one.

The ‘R’ for Ruchika remains the cementing factor, binding the
women together.
The peacock crest on top is the Krishna Kamal – the Fragrant
Flower of love and eternal friendship.

For our 50th Anniversary, the Logo got a golden hue,
to celebrate our half-century.

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In keeping with this, the Ruchikas leave behind them, an aroma of love.
​Friendships formed at club level, have often resulted in friends turning into

family, through marriage.

​Adopting this motto in their daily lives, members have cemented relationships,

creating a circle of friends around them.

In the pandemic, Ruchika Club pledged to ‘SERVE & HEAL’ the needy through diverse charity drives, in their Golden Anniversary Year.

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