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ENT Camp

“God gave us TWO EARS and ONE MOUTH,
so we can listen, twice as much as we speak.”

Dr Prakash and Mrs Kanan Golecha, are ENT specialists who have devoted their lives to the service of humanity. They are a part of our annual medical ENT camps, hosted in remote areas where no medical aid is available.

The couple fly down from Jaipur and stay in the simple lodgings provided to
them. At 75 and 72 years, they are both sprightly and active.

Dr Prakash is experienced in detecting genuine cases from the fakes who come
to the camp for free hearing aids and medication. He blows into ear-drums and
passes a cord through the nose to clear congestion or clean the debris of stale
wax that blocks their hearing. If a patient responds to his soft voice, he says
with a twinkle “See, I am not just a doctor, I am also a magician.”

His popularity is undisputed - hordes of villagers come to get their hearing
tested and take the medicines and hearing aid as advised. His wife distributes
what is prescribed.

Patients go home thanking the good doctor and the members of the Ruchika

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