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Eye Camp

“Our Eyes are placed in Front because, 
It is more important to look ahead than to look back.”

Ruchika Club hosts a free Eye Camp for the underprivileged, in liaison with Dr Kulin Kothari, an ophthalmologist with over 30 years of practice. Apart from Mumbai, the camp is held at remote places in the interiors of Maharashtra, where little or no medical facility is available.  Villagers come from far and near to get tested and get a free pair of spectacles, to improve their vision.

Dr Kothari sends his medical mobile van, manned by 4 technicians and all the testing equipment. They scrutinize villagers with cataract, detached retina, and other eye ailments. Names and details of these villagers are noted. 

Dates for surgery are given, suitable to both the doctor and the patient. 
The club pays for the surgeries and the post-operative drops and medication. 

Eye testing charts for those who cannot read or write are also available. Readymade numbered spectacles for far and near sight, are distributed to the patients. During the three-day camp, at least 1000- 15000 patients come for getting their eyes and ears tested, sometimes both. Provision is made for their food and comfort.

The numbers that come to the camp are a barometer of its success. Credit goes to the Samparc management team, who do extensive publicity in the nearby villages so that we can reach out to those who are truly needy. The camp turns into a local fair with lots of chatter, and bonding, as the villagers return home satisfied. Helping Mankind is the true mantra of charity!

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