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Samparc Balgram

“Charity is a matter of the Heart, Not of the Pocket.”

Samparc Balgram: Service
Samparc Balgram: Service

Not Flesh of my Flesh, nor Bone of my Bone

But Miraculously my very Own,
Because you grew IN my heart,

not UNDER it!

For the past 20 years, Ruchika Club has been lending financial support to the SAMPARC BALGRAM, Bhaje an orphanage for abandoned girls, near Lonavala. The Club gives 124 girls living there, lodging, boarding, education, medical expenses, as well as vocational training, to rehabilitate them into the mainstream of life.

The Charity Committee visits the Balgram regularly to apprise themselves of the welfare of the girls. Festivals are celebrated, fun fairs and craft workshops are organized.

In the pandemic, 5 large TV sets were installed for online learning.
As a major donor at Samparc Bhaje, two of our Board members have been inducted as Trustees on the Samparc Board. The visible happiness of the children, on seeing the ‘Ruchika Aunties’ is very satisfying.

When we visit, the happiness on the faces of the children, makes it so worthwhile!

Samparc Balgram: Text

Dusherra Lunch for the Young Girls

On Navmi, the 9th day of Dusherra, Ruchika Club organises
a lunch for the young girls at Samparc Balgram.
This year was no exception!
The 128 kanyas at the Balgram, were given a special meal,
in celebration of the festival.
The thalis looked colourful with the Puris, Channa vegetable,
Gajjar Halwa, Dal and Chawal.
The girls enjoyed their meal thoroughly.
And Durga Ma showered her blessings on all of us.

Samparc Balgram: Image
Samparc Balgram: Pro Gallery
Samparc Balgram: Pro Gallery


“It is not about how big the hostel is,
It is about how happy the people who live there are.”

The RUCHIKA SAMPARC MAHILA SADAN is a girl’s hostel for ex-students of the Balgram and outsiders, who come to pursue higher studies.

Ruchika Club donated 51% of the construction cost of the building.
The Samparc trustees tend to the day-to-day management and maintenance of the hostel, which has comfortable boarding and lodging facilities.

On 29th April 2012, the Ruchika Board Members inaugurated the hostel.
Trees were planted around the building, as a memory to mark this special day.

Samparc Balgram: Text