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April 2023 - Tree Plantation - Letter of Thanks


19th - August 2021

On 19th August 2021, Ruchika members went to Kelda Pada and Mali in Borivali East at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, to plant fruit trees, courtesy of the Gaia Conservation Foundation, an NGO which restores the green cover to the city.

400 saplings were donated by the club and members, and those who went along enjoyed planting it themselves. There were Alfonso and Kesar mango trees, Jamun trees and several other fruit trees and which would be a source of livelihood and survival for the Adivasis and tribals living there. Gaia officials would regularly visit the area to monitor the progress.

This was a commitment to support the Urban Afforestation Project. Their Annual Report shows that the Carbon sequestered from the 400 trees in the span of 2 years was 8.25 tons.

The Gaia Foundation was extremely pleased with the output, productivity and results and invited Ruchika Club to continue the good work in the coming planting season in May 2023.

Reproduced below is a copy of their letter to RUCHIKA CLUB.

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