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Joint Holi Sundowner March 2023

Joint Holi Sundowner

16th March 2023

Atria Rooftop - Zerua Lounge & Bar

The newly opened ZERUA atop Atria Mall’s rooftop was a picturesque setting.

Zerua literally means sky, the pinnacle, or top. An alfresco setting with breathtaking views, see through cabanas, ensured the members had an intoxicating time.

Raj Kapadia’s band added to the ambiance, setting the mood with popular Holi songs.

The three presidents welcomed the members.

Founders Ashaji and Saritaji felicitated the hard work done by the presidents and advisors who organized the Vietnam trip. Members who had gone to Vietnam spoke in praise of the excellent organization.

A short PPT of the trip was shown to everyone present.

There was a spa facility, and members took a foot massage inside the cabanas.

It was a mixed cuisine of Italian, Mediterranean, and Chinese Indian dishes. Curated by chef Rakesh Talwar, avocado sushi rubbed shoulders with flatbread pizzas, the fried rice was teamed with spicy exotic veg and the dessert counter had both Indian and western sweets. There was something for everyone.

The beautiful location, the peppy band, and the bonhomie of Holi – made the Zerua meet special.

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