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Jt Diwali Celebration Meeting October 2022

Jt Diwali Celebration

Wed 12th October 2022

Nehru Auditorium / Jade Banquets

Ruchika’s Diwali celebrations were illuminated by PRAKASH UTSAV, a play specially curated for the members by renowned playwright Atul Satya Kaushik.

He presented unheard stories from the Ramayan, in short acts.

a) The story of Shanta, Ram’s elder sister who was given away in adoption by Father Dashrath, jolted the audience into attention.

b) Sita asking for Ram’s commitment to one wife (unlike his father)

c) Kaikey’s true reasons for asking for Ram’s vanvas (on the eve of his coronation.

d) Urmila’s sacrifice being greater than Sita’s

e) Hanuman’s extreme devotion to never leaving Ram’s side.

Ram’s return to Ayodhya was celebrated with diyas lighting up the stage. Artistic dances and melodious songs, along with Atulji’s narration, kept the audience engrossed.

A lavish Hi-Tea was laid out at Jade Banquets, which members and their guests relished.

A memorable afternoon full of festivity and bonding to herald Diwali.

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