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Joint Meeting August 2022 - Synopsis

Joint Meeting

17th August 2022

Founder’s Day – Janmashtami ke Chappan Bhog Jade Ballroom

God is not found by searching …..You need to be lost in Him … and he appears before you! The Janmashtami celebrations at the Ruchika Founder’s Day meet were one such opportunity! Everyone was lost in the breathtaking beauty of Krishna and the entire event.

It was like being transported to Dwarka – Krishna, Radha Rani, the Chappan Bhog, the décor, everything was mesmerizing. The love in their eyes of Rukmini and Meera’s devotion was pure and palpable. Each member became a Gopi – lost in the magic of his bansuri.

The singer Hinaji Mehta sang into everyone’s hearts. She sang Krishna bhajans and songs from Bollywood. Her soulful voice was magical, and the crowd lost track of time.

The dances performed by the Ruchikas were mystical and divine, transporting you to the sacred land of Vrindavan. They were a delight to watch and absolutely a treat for your eyes and heart. The choreography by Neha Jain was par excellence. Neha herself performed an impromptu dance on “Radha Kyun Gori” - the cherry on top of the cake!

The food was aptly planned to suit the occasion. There was a lavish spread of chaat and Indian main course. The vast array of Indian desserts spoilt you for choice.

This was a meeting members talked about for many months, it left such a delicious memory of piety, beauty, and satisfaction that only Krishna could bring!!

Jai Shri Krishna 🙏🏼

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