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Founder's Day August 2023

52nd Founder’s Day Celebrations

17th August 2023

Taj President Ball Room

The magic of the founder's vision came alive at the Taj President Ball Room during the enchanting Founder's Day celebrations!

Amidst the grandeur, we witnessed a mesmerizing Jugalbandi weaving tales of Mahabharat and Ramayan through the splendid artistry of sand by Neha Umak and Ikebana by grandmaster Rekha Reddy, all the way from Hyderabad. The Ball Room bloomed with exquisite flower arrangements, setting the stage for an unforgettable meeting.

With nearly 250 graceful ladies in attendance, the event resonated with camaraderie and warmth. Our Ruchika Bazar's "Chai Pe Chit Chat" stall owners generously donated their entire collection to Ruchika's charity, a gesture that touched our hearts deeply.

The evening was unveiled with a captivating introduction by Ms. Rekha Reddy, showcasing her unique fusion of Ikebana and epic narratives. The symphony of Ikebana's grace and Neha's sand art prowess spun stories that transcended words. It was, indeed, a visual treat, a mental rejuvenation, and an absolute bliss for the soul.

Kudos to Ruchika for orchestrating yet another enthralling chapter in our journey!

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