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A Wing Meeting January 2024 - Picnic

A wing

24th January 2024

Picnic at Radisson Blu

The A-Wing of Ruchika Club kicked off the new year in style with a vibrant event held at Hotel Radisson Blu near the International Airport on January 24, 2024. The highly anticipated picnic gathered an impressive turnout of nearly 90 members.

The festivities commenced with registration and an appetizing spread of chaats and a barbecue counter. Tables were adorned with mocktails, tea, coffee, and starters. Following everyone's settling in, engaging games took center stage, including tongue twisters and a lively round of housie, featuring uniquely designed tickets by Saroj Harlalka. A special highlight was the thoughtful distribution of house plants as prizes by A Wing President Ujjwalji.

Live music with a talented singer sets the perfect ambiance, leading members to sway to the rhythm. Post games, a sumptuous lunch awaited, featuring a diverse selection of delicious food and desserts. Members praised the choice of venue, eliminating the need for a long and tiring drive.

The event was beautifully captured by a photographer, ensuring the creation of lasting memories.

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