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A, B & C Wing Meeting March2024 - Synopsis

Updated: Apr 15

A, B & C wing

14th March 2024

Event: Holi MeetingDiwali Meet

The Holi Meeting marked a joint gathering of all three Ruchika Wings at the Amphitheatre of Trump Tower, Lodha Park. The evening was graced by the presence of Braj Singers Dhruvji and SwarnaaShreeji Sharma, along with their team from Vrindavan, amidst a beautifully decorated stage.

The soul-stirring performances by Dhruvji and SwarnaaShreeji filled the air with divine melodies, igniting enthusiastic dancing among our members, immersed in the transcendental atmosphere. Dhruviji's captivating dance added a special touch to the duo's enchanting tunes.

Members were treated to a delightful spread of chaat counters representing the flavours of Agra and Kanpur. Additionally, our esteemed Founder, Asha Aunty Jhunjunwala, generously sponsored her renowned, mouthwatering Kulfi, which was savoured by all attendees.

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