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C Wing Meeting June 2024 - Synopsis

Updated: Jun 28

C wing

11th June 2024

@ Keiba

Ruchika Club C Wing's inaugural event under the vibrant leadership of Ms. Neha Jain for the year 2024-25 commenced with a mystical theme at the breathtaking Keiba. The event focused on the neuroscience of manifestation and journaling, creating an enchanting ambiance that captivated everyone present.

The dedicated committee arrived early to meticulously oversee the arrangements. Elegantly dressed members began to arrive, and the effervescent host, Ms. Saloni Suri, joined shortly thereafter. During registration, members enjoyed delectable welcome drinks and starters, while some indulged in shopping for beautiful rakhis at our Nayee Disha stall.

The event officially commenced with the introduction of the new committee members, who were unveiled as the fairies of their respective departments, looking ethereal in pastel, flowy dresses adorned with fresh flower tiaras.

Sarika Vaid, our immediate past president, delivered a heartfelt welcome and thank you speech, graciously introducing our new president, Neha Jain. Founder member Sarita Ji Shroff presented gifts to members who had perfect attendance last year. New applicants were warmly introduced by Khushboo Agarwal, adding to the community spirit of the event.

Following this, the enchanting Ms. Saloni Suri took center stage, providing profound insights into how we can rewire our brains and manifest our deepest desires. Her explanation of “GATE” was remarkably clear and resonated deeply with everyone. The thought-provoking and interactive session left every member enthralled, leading them to purchase her books and request personalized autographs.

After the captivating talk, a sumptuous lunch was served. The delicious food added the perfect finishing touch to what was unanimously deemed a spectacularly successful event.

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