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B Wing Meeting June 2024 - Synopsis

B wing

15th June 2024


B Wing's Curtain Raiser under the dynamic leadership of Rashmi Bajaj debuted at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC). As the first among all wings to host the event, 'Selcouth: A Dance Performance by Shiamak Davar,' B Wing generated an overwhelming response from not only its associate members and founders but also from most of our board members. The NMACC, an ode to our nation, served as the amazing venue for this event.

'Selcouth' is a one-of-a-kind Indo-contemporary dance recital by the Shiamak Davar Dance Company, taking members on a magnificent journey of life. The experience is indeed unnerving and unsettling, but Shiamak’s dance troupe beautifully expresses his inner feelings through their moves on stage. B Wing's diligent team arrived early to ensure all arrangements were in place. Our graceful and stylishly dressed ladies began arriving at the venue, savouring a delectable spread before proceeding to the gala dance performance.

In his introduction, Shiamak Davar himself aptly said, "No shosha, no great sets, no props, just simple, pure dance." This resonated deeply with the audience as the troupe's performance was indeed outstanding, earning a standing ovation and enthusiastic calls for an encore that echoed throughout the hall.

A quote by Kate Hodges displayed during the show, "Behind every great woman is another great woman," rings entirely true for our B Wing committee. The effort put in by each committee member was instrumental in curating this event. The accolades received on the president's desk have been the icing on the cake, giving us the impetus to aim even higher for our future meetings.

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