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C Wing Meeting July 2023 - Pichwai Painting

C wing

18th July 2023

South Bombay Bar, Atria Mall, Worli

Pichwai Painting by Amrita Sequeira

Pichwai paintings originated in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Intricate and visually

stunning, Pichwai paintings were made of cloth, depicting tales from Lord

Krishna's life.

Amrita box-packed the material for the workshop, which included the terracotta

plate, acrylic paints, brushes, and apron. Screens were put up around the hall, to

help members focus and understand the process properly. Members sat in small

groups working diligently on their paintings.

Amrita sang songs that had a therapeutic calming effect on the ladies present.

Founder Sarita Shroff joined the C wing workshop with artistic enthusiasm.

Lunch was served at 2.00 pm which the members ate and left with their precious

creations – to show their efforts to the family.

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