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C Wing Meeting July 2022 - Synopsis

C wing

20th July 2022

Saz, Jio mall BKC

*MOCKTAILS*, an abbreviation for "mock cocktails" can be described as a smooth blend of non-alcoholic drinks, which could be fresh fruit juices, syrups, cream, herbs, and spices. Mocktails are specifically designed for teetotallers and thus these blends can be enjoyed by all ages.

C wing invited Mrs. Shatbhi Basu "the first female bartender of India" awarded by the President of India to conduct a *workshop on mocktails*.

She taught us to make 5 different n unique mocktails.

Shatbhi made the entire demonstration very interactive and interesting by getting the members to mix the drink.

She not only spoke extensively about making unique mocktails using different ingredients n combinations but also gave ideas about making the same into a cocktail as well. She shared her version of making different types of Sangria too (both alcoholic n non-alcoholic).

Members thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with a very interesting question and answer session. It was indeed a very fun-holic session and members got high on the spirit of Shatbi without any artificial spirits.

Saz served some delicious delicacies such as guacamole and chips, beetroot Tikki, exotic veggies pizza, pesto risotto, etc., and sinfully decadent desserts which everyone relished with gusto.

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