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C Wing Meeting January 2024 - Picnic

C wing

18th January 2024

Picnic at Assanzo Villa, Alibagh

The morning dawned beautifully as the excited members gathered early for their trip to Alibagh. At 8:15 sharp, the ferry whisked them away, serving fruits and refreshments during the journey. Upon arrival, groups formed for thrilling games before reaching Alibagh at 9:15 am, where waiting cars transported them to Assanzo Villa.

Arriving at the villa around 10 am, breakfast by the poolside was accompanied by lively tunes from the DJ. After breakfast, members donned their swimsuits for a spirited game of water-soaked sponge smashing, followed by a refreshing dip in the pool amidst foot-tapping music.

An invigorating pool aerobics session led by Aditi, a young and vivacious dance instructor among the members, added to the excitement. This was followed by spirited pool games, showcasing the competitive spirit of each participant, ending with laughter and joy.

After changing, members gathered for a sumptuous lunch in the villa's dining area, accompanied by more music and dancing for some. The delicious food was savored by all, setting the stage for a leisurely afternoon of chatting, gaming, and singing.

Before departing, tea and snacks were served, capping off a memorable day filled with camaraderie and fun. Departing around 4:30 pm, the members bid farewell to Alibagh, carrying cherished memories back to Mumbai, arriving around 5:30 pm, and Leaving each one with fond memories to cherish.

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