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B Wing November 2022

B wing

Treasure Hunt

10th November 2022

Jio World Drive, BKC

RB wing organized a Treasure Hunt for the members at the classy Seesaw restaurant in Jio World Drive, BKC. Before flagging off the event, the Rules and Regulations were explained to the teams.

The members were divided into eight different teams of 6-7 members each. Each team was named after a color code. There were 10 clues for each team to crack to reach a store or an area and complete the tasks mentioned. The members ran helter-skelter to complete the tasks in the treasure hunt. At the end, there was a wall of balls, on which they had to write “RUCHIKA” with yellow balls and click a photo as proof.

The Icing on the cake was the delicious lip-smacking food at Seesaw restaurant with their outstanding hospitality. Members were treated with plantain chaat, ravioli, edamame rice, noodles, etc. The Saz Brookie dessert completed the meal.

The Winning Teams Budding Green and Pink Blush tied for the final prize. Participants were given chocolates, a sweet reminder of an enjoyable afternoon.

Geared in their sneakers, and pumped with energy, the ladies were in high spirits. Everyone had fun and gave a thumbs-up to the committee

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