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B Wing Meeting June 2022 - Synopsis

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

B wing

16th June 2022

Balsa, Kamala Mills

Astrology plays a vital role in our lives. The combination of zodiac signs, the houses, the planets, and the constellations influence thoughts and decision-making, thus shaping a person's destiny. B wing invited Ms. Gauri Jain, an astrologer, Vastu consultant, numerologist, and gem therapist practicing Vedic Astrologer for more than 17 years, for a talk.

She spoke extensively about analyzing horoscopes in match-making, business, career, health, wealth, marriage, etc. She suggested some Vastu Shastra tips and remedies for homes, understanding how small changes like wearing stones, colors, etc. can bring changes.

Members thoroughly enjoyed the Question and Answer session wherein lots of their doubts about the myths and beliefs of astrology were satisfactorily clarified. It was indeed an insightful session.

Newly elected President Nikita Agarwal introduced her committee members as vitamins that are essential for our health, likewise, Ruchika committee members are important for its functioning and growth.

Balsa served some mouth-watering specialties like avocado quinoa tartare, pesto flatbread, black dal with naan, balsa bibimbap, etc. equally satisfying everyone’s appetite. The desserts added a sweet touch to the afternoon.

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