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B Wing Meeting June 2023 - Artesia Banquet, Raheja Artesia Tower

B wing

15th June 2023

Venue: Artesia Banquet, Raheja Artesia Tower, Worli

Event: A Talk on Lab Grown Diamonds

B Wing welcomed the new year with a talk on LAB GROWN DIAMONDS. The event aimed to explore the debate surrounding lab-grown diamonds, which are favoured by some for their price as well as their sustainability and ethical aspects. LIMELIGHT, a leading sustainable luxury brand dealing in lab-grown CVD diamonds, was invited to provide insights.

The meeting began with the president, Vandana Sekhsaria, honouring our founder, Asha Jhunjhunwala, and the presidents of the A and C wings, followed by acknowledgments for members with perfect attendance. She then introduced the new committee members, likening each one to a rare gem.

Thereafter the Limelight team presented a video showcasing the process of growing, cutting, and pricing CVD diamonds. Pareshji, a seasoned speaker kept the audience engrossed as he addressed their concerns, clarified their doubts, and debunked the myths surrounding CVDs.

Following the discussion, a short quiz about diamonds was conducted, which was well-received by the attendees. Afterward, the members had the opportunity to browse through Limelight's collection of CVD diamond jewellery. They had fun starring in their own slow-motion videos at a 360-degree selfie booth.

The meeting was rounded off with delectable mocktails, appetizers, and a sumptuous spread of traditional Indian cuisine.

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