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B Wing Meeting July 2023 - China Gate Atria Mall

B wing

13th July 2023

China Gate Atria Mall

Stand-up comedy by Haripriya Bains

The world-famous icon of comedy, Sir Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. Having a bad day - you need cheering up by telling corny jokes or watching a funny film, the best remedy to add levity to your day.

Keeping this adage in mind, the stand-up comic Haripriya Bains was invited by President Vandana Sekhsaria, to host a laugh riot and put a smile on every face.

Haripriya is from Delhi. Married for 20 years and a mother of two, she started her career her career at 39, to become a stand-up comic of repute.

Her opening sentence had the members hooked and her one-liners had them rolling in their chairs. The loud chuckles and laughter were proof that Haripriya had struck a chord and tickled every member’s funny bone.

The delectable mocktails, appetizers, and sumptuous spread of Chinese cuisine were the perfect ending to a ROL (roll over laughing) meeting!

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