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B Wing Meeting January 2024 - Picnic

B wing

11th January 2024

Picnic at Emerald Acres:

The commencement of 2024 for the B Wing was marked by the highly anticipated January meeting, an event eagerly awaited by every member. This gathering offers ample time for mingling and sets the stage for the much-anticipated picnic. The chosen destination this year was the enchanting and spacious Emerald Acres villa by Stay Vista in Lonavala.

To add excitement to the journey, carpools were organized, and en route, members engaged in a lively scavenger hunt and other entertaining games. Upon arrival, a delightful breakfast tailored for the chilly weather awaited them, featuring the renowned golden Vada pav as the star attraction. Subsequently, an engaging version of housie captivated everyone.

The committee organized a rejuvenating workshop on Facial Yoga by Ms. Vibhuti Arora, drawing active participation from the members. Various techniques for facial massage, promoting smooth and wrinkle-free skin, were demonstrated, sparking keen interest among all attendees. A lavish lunch was followed by DJ music and dance, providing a perfect end to a day filled with activities.

With a sense of satisfaction, members embarked on their return journey, realizing that the day had flown by amidst fun and rejuvenation. Positive feedback poured in from members, expressing appreciation for the committee's efforts that truly made the day memorable.

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