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B Wing Meeting February 2023 - Synopsis

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

B wing

03rd February 2023

Venue: Flamingo Safari, Airoli

This was a day to remember as the B wing of the Ruchika Club organized a picnic to the Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centre at Airoli. The venue was breathtaking, with pink trumpet trees lining the road and providing a feeling of being in Tokyo during cherry blossom season. Members were divided into two slots and upon arrival, they were greeted with a delicious breakfast of Samosas, Sandwiches, and Chikki.

The Flamingo Safari was the highlight of the day and it did not disappoint. The guided tour took members on a 10km ride along the city's eastern seaboard, showcasing the stunning mangroves and the flocks of pink flamingoes gliding on the water before spreading their wings in the sky. The informative museums inside the Airoli Flamingo Sanctuary provided valuable insights into the importance of mangroves and aquatic life, leaving everyone in awe.

After the safari, members were treated to a sumptuous lunch at Taj Vivanta Turbhe, with Wink and the open garden terrace providing the perfect venue. A hot piping soup with live barbecued vegetables was followed by a game of housie and a lovely spread of main course and desserts.

In the end, the flamingo safari proved to be a perfect dose of awesomeness for everyone. The migratory birds from Central Asia and the way they flew and made formations left everyone spellbound. As the saying goes, "If you do not go, you will never know."

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