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A Wing Meeting June 2023 - Chaitanya Towers Party Hall

A wing

21st June 2023

Chaitanya Towers Party Hall, Worli

Salad demo by Jalpa Shah. 

The first meeting after the summer break always has chatter and laughter of members catching up with friends. Ladies bonded over the starters and welcome drinks.  IPP Shashi Agarwal rewarded those with full attendance by presenting them with a beautiful gift box. The new President, Ujjwal Choradia introduced her committee and welcomed the chief guest, Ms. Jalpa Shah.

Jalpa is a nutritionist and a chef. Her outlet Concept Cuisines had an outlet at Indiabulls Sky Tower, Lower Parel.

She showcased six different salads, each unique and creatively done. Jalpa kept in my mind the protein and calorie content in each preparation.

1. The Warm Burrata Burst contained boiled rajma and corn along with bell pepper and sauces. The burrata cheese blob was ‘burst’ open on top of it.

2. The Thread Noodle Salad had sautéed veggies, paneer, and an interesting dressing of peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, and vinegar.

3. The Green Day Delight had edamame, broccoli and zucchini cut in spirals with hung curd and mayonnaise and green dressing.

4. Protein Overdose was a happy mix of quinoa and chickpeas with a beetroot ‘Pink Panther’ dressing.

5. The Russian Landslide had lots of veggies and fruits topped with hung curd, mayonnaise, and cheese spread which were ‘spilled’ from the top like a landslide.                 

Jalpa plated each salad artistically, to appear attractive and appetizing. There were many options to interchange ingredients as per convenience. 

It was a pleasure to see all the 4 Founders present, which called for lots of photo-ops.

A delicious lunch was served, and members tasted the 6 salads that were shown by Jalpa.

An interesting meeting to kickstart the new Ruchika term. The ladies left with a happy smile.

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