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A Wing Meeting July 2023 - Sunville Banquets

A wing

19th July 2023

Sunville Banquets, Worli

Workshop for Orchids by Urvi Shah 

Despite the rains, the enthusiastic ‘A’ Win Members came in large numbers. The hall had 14 round tables with 6 chairs and 6 Dendrobium Orchid plants – one for every member.

It looked very festive, like a flower show!

Urvi Shah of ORCHIDS etc. showed us how to plant and pot our orchids with the heap of charcoal, coconut husk, and twigs lying in the center of the tables.

Urvi’s staff demonstrated how to assemble the orchids in the pots, while she gave the commentary. Members followed the instructions, filling their pots with coal and coconut husk. A long narrow stick was placed in the center, to support the thin stemmed orchid from dropping. Her helpers moved around helping members to do it the right way.

Urvi Shah had got a large collection of clay pots, various kinds of orchids and crotons as well as a mix of soil. Ladies happily shopped, carrying home several plants. Orchids require very little water sprayed on the roots with a mix of fertilizer and should be placed on a windowsill, under indirect sunlight.

The pani-puri and chaat counter was very busy. Sandwiches, samosas, and masala chai are made for perfect rainy-day snacks. A short and sweet meeting in which everyone carried home the wonderful orchid plant token given by Ruchika.

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