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A Wing Meeting July 2022 - Synopsis

A wing

14th July 2022

Cafe Reed, by the Quorum.

Event: "Unfolding the mystics of healing.”

Ms. Devina Fogle an international U.S.A certified Healing Angel, card reader, and therapist introduced all the members to a totally new and interesting subject "Demand of the time ". She explained the magic of the Angels who can protect us n heal us in different spheres of life-mental and physical issues, success in work or business, and make relationships more beautiful.

After the Charismatic speech, she was inundated with questions which she answered with clarity n a lot of patience.

The venue was amazing, members appreciated it very much and to add to all this were a sumptuous lunch and delectable desserts.

All the Members left with a very happy and positive note,

"Yes, we can now heal ourselves and make life better"💞💞

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