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A Wing Meeting January 2023 - Synopsis

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

A wing

24th January 2023

Tooth Mountain Farms, Karjat.

70 enthusiastic A Wing members gathered for a picnic at Tooth Mountain Farms.

They were welcomed with a delicious spread of fresh organic fruits and a healthy vegetarian breakfast along with tea and coffee. The perfect way to start the day is at 9.30 am!

Then they took a sunny winter walk down Peacock Life, where they saw beautifully carved artifacts and a large nursery nurtured only with organic compost and products made from organic plants.

On return, they enjoyed a game of Malamal Housie, in which every member went back with prizes and gifts. The day was topped off with an inspirational talk by Maya.

It was a fun-filled day, out in the open, connecting to nature.

Members carried back life-learning lessons, along with hearts full of happiness, and bonding with friends.

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