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A & B Wing Meeting September 2023 - Little Theatre

A & B wing

11th September 2023

Little Theatre - NCPA

Draupadi - a mono-act play by Anjana Chandok

“Draupadi," was performed by the talented Anjana Chandok, who flew in from from Bengaluru on the invitation of B-wing president Vandana Sekhsaria.

In both shows for ‘A’ & ‘B’ wings, the auditorium was packed to capacity, with 110 members each.

A brunch was laid out for the members. The sweet was sponsored by proud grandma Asha Patodia, in celebration of her new granddaughter.

Anjana’s mesmerizing performance held the audience in spellbound silence. Her portrayal of Draupadi offered a fresh perspective on her character, as a strong, yet compassionate woman, dedicated to her five husbands. Daughter of Drupad, wife of the great warrior Arjuna, with Bhishm as her grandfather in-law, she had Krishna as her brother.

Anjana conveyed a poignant message to women in society, resonating with the audience by invoking emotions akin to the "Nirbhaya" case when Draupadi's appeals fell on deaf ears.

She endured tremendous suffering, facing life with tolerance and courage but knowing where to draw the line.

Anjana’s performance left the viewers enthralled in pin-drop silence, throughout her captivating act.

A well-deserved standing ovation followed, adding another feather to Ruchika's cap.

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