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19th August 2021 - Tree Plantation Drive

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Gaia Conservation Foundation (NGO) restores the green cover to the city, by

planting more trees. Ruchika volunteers went to Borivali, to plant fruit trees,

along with the Gaia horticultural team. 200 saplings were donated by Ruchika

Club and 200 more saplings were donated by Ruchika members to Gaia.

Saplings of Alphanso and Kesar mango, Jamun and several other fruit trees were

planted near the tribal villages, so the Adivasis living there could look after them

and eat the fruits when ripe. A local representative of Gaia would also check on

the welfare of the saplings. Many of the trees would start fruiting by next year. For

the villagers, it was a source of livelihood and a practical method of survival.

A limited number of 6 cars with 16 members were permitted. The ladies wore

comfortable walking shoes, protective raincoats, masks, gloves and carried

mosquito repellents along with their water bottles. Dry snack packets and tetra-packed drinks were distributed to the delighted tribal children. Biscuit packets were

distributed to young and old, in Vashi

An outdoor adventure of fun, with an eco-friendly intent.

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