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Vietnam Diaries Day 2 - Synopsis

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Vietnam Diaries 28th February '23


Hotel Novotel Saigon served an appetizing breakfast, with an array of fresh fruits, the red dragon fruit being the most popular. Vietnamese coffee is a shot of dark liquor sweetened by a small spoon of condensed milk. It is usually served cold with ice. We stopped at Bamboo Court for shopping for materials and products made from bamboo.

Our buses took us to MEKONG BAY. Mekong Delta is a network of tributaries in southwest Vietnam, between Ho Chi Minh and Cambodia. We savored fresh tropical fruits like rose apple, papaya, watermelon, jack fruit, and baby bananas, washed down with honey tea. The locals rowed us in narrow boats (sampan) through small canals, shadowed by water coconut trees. We tasted the coconut milk candy and admired the arti-crafts made from coconut shells. Lunch was in a village restaurant along the water. Members plucked fresh fruits from the orchards around. On return, we freshened up for dinner at HUM – a vegan Michelin restaurant with fusion Vietnamese cuisine.

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