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Vietnam Diaries Day 1 - Synopsis

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Vietnam Diaries Day 1

27th February - 6th March 2023

The Vietnam trip was the culmination of our Golden Anniversary celebrations. Planned with meticulous detail, the hotels, the cities, and the sightseeing and shopping – each aspect was a treat for the members. Thomas Cook was given a booking charge, under the close supervision of Sarita Shroff, Priti Singhania, and Nikita Agarwal, the main organizers.

Day I - 27th February: HO CHI MINH

60 Ruchikas of varying ages landed at HO CHI MINH or Saigon, as it was earlier called. Satiated with an excellent lunch at Makhan Bhog, we were divided into two buses for the city tour and then dropped off at the BEN THANH Market, which had several small shops each selling local artifacts. There were lots of duplicates of famous brand names. A Lebanese dinner was served at Bayroute, with a belly dancer, who came as the surprise element.

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