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December 2022 - Eye Camp


10th - 11th - DECEMBER 2022

Phoenix Towers Parking Lot

Ruchika’s annual EYE CAMP in liason with the Rotary Club of Queen City’s •Phoenix Mega Medical Camp’ is a popular, much-awaited event.

The queue of patients outside our stall was proof of our popularity in the medical camp. Lots of people wanted to have their eyes tested and get free spectacles for reading and distance.

Apart from eye-testing and distributing spectacles, Ruchika had joined hands with Dr. Kulin Kothari. Their technicians come with sophisticated equipment, to diagnose a cataract, glaucoma, and other problems related to the eyes. The Club pays for the cataract surgeries as advised by the attending doctors.

A team of Ruchika members mans

the stalls over the two-day camp. Bananas and biscuit packets are distributed to all who come to our table.

Our Golden motto to Serve & Heal mankind is our primary aim.

In keeping with the Club’s policy - no one who knocks on our door, leaves empty-handed. A genuine effort is made to attend to every visitor, in a satisfactory manner.

In this camp, 1,203 pairs of spectacles were distributed.

54 patients signed up for cataract surgeries in the coming month.

It was a worthy, hands-on endeavour, which left the glow of a job well done!

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