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August 2021 - Seva Kitchen

Updated: Aug 27, 2021


Seva Kitchen @ Peppercook Studio,

White Hall, Kemps Corner.

On every Thursday in August, the club joined hands with Anuja Mariwala of Seva

Kitchen’s Peppercook Studio to prepare meals for children.  Members washed, chopped,

cooked, and packed individual boxes to be distributed to children in the slums. Later, the

ladies washed the utensils, and swept the floors, leaving the kitchen spotlessly clean.

The Geo Roti bank vans picked up the meals to deliver to different areas in Mumbai

where required. It was a wonderful hands-on experience with job satisfaction.

1200 children were fed in August 2021. Members also made individual contributions of tetra milk packs, sweets, rotis, and biscuits in addition to the food.

1200 Dry ration packets were also distributed to the needy.

Ruchika Club’s intent was not just about making a cash donation. It was about making a

difference to the lives of people they touched.

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