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September 2020 - Meetings

‘A’ Wing

16th September 2020

‘Kitchen Staples’ by Ananya Somani

On Zoom

It was an honor to have young Ananya in our midst. Granddaughter of the late Krishnaji Somani, who was among the first eleven members of Ruchika, it was wonderful to see the younger gen coming back to share her knowledge and dedicate her talk to her grandma.

Ananya is a qualified dietician from Australia who has worked in the Reliance Hospital and a Fitness Centre in Mumbai. She talked on how overall gut health and well-being can be achieved through the basic food available in our kitchen. The 5 basic sources of Nutrition are:

1. Nuts and Seeds which provide the Omega 3

2. Curd an important source of protein and a probiotic

3. Pulses which contain protein and fibre and are good for heart and diabetes. Dals contain Zinc which boosts immunity.

4. Millets which provide micro-nutrients, Vitamin B & D, and Iron

5. Herbs & Spices like Haldi which is an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory A balance of all the 5 nutrients should be included in our daily diet.

Super Foods reduce the risk of chronic disease. These should include the locally available fruits and vegetables which are economical and easily available and ‘Super’ nutritious.

Ananya stressed on variety in the preparation of food, so it is not monotonous. Her in-dept knowledge on nutrition was impressive as she patiently answered the members’ queries. Thank you Ananya!

‘B’ Wing

10th September 2020

Ayurveda for Skin & Hair by Dimple Jangda

On Zoom

Dimple Jangda left her high-flying banker’s job on Wallstreet, to start PRANA, an ayurvedic healthcare centre.

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science, which addresses the root cause of disease. It is based on the 5 elements and people are classified according to the different ‘doshas’ like Kapha (earth & water), Pitta (fire & water) and thirdly Vatta (air & water).

Dimple’s talk concentrated on the treatment of hair and skin.

For each body type there was a different remedy suitable for them.

An imbalance in the doshas and an unsupportive diet can cause problems. The doshas must remain in sync for harmony in the body.

Recipes for a glowing skin and thick luminous hair were shared, as well as natural body scrubbers to defoliate the skin.

Dimple’s clientele includes Dev Patel, Anjali Tendulkar, Juhi Chawla and many others, who swear by her treatments.

It was an immensely informative session to enhance one’s beauty, the natural healthy way!

‘C’ Wing

22nd September 2020

Growing Microgreens by Ekta Choudhary

On Zoom

We might think

we are nurturing our garden,

But in true sense -

The garden and its plants nurture us!

Microgreens that sprout from the seed are nutritious and easy to grow on your windowsill, in a plastic container.

Ekta Choudhary showed us how to layer the box with soil or cocopeat, cover it with different seeds - wheat, fenugreek, or other, add a thin layer of soil, water and keep. The seeds would sprout in 2-3 days. In a week they would be 6”- 8’’ high and ready to be cut for fresh healthy juice.

These provide the nutrients needed by the body, without harmful disinfectants. The fun is in growing and nurturing it for personal use.

Prizes were given for photo collages of a variety of seeds, the greenest, tallest, and most dense microgreens. Several members participated.

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