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October 2020 - Meetings

Grand Diwali Celebrations - 1

23rd October 2020

Diwali Table Décor on Zoom by Nandini Kanoria

Ruchika’s Grand Diwali Celebrations started in festive mode with a mesmerizing dance by C wing Committee Member Neha Jain.

The screen was a lush green, the colour code of the meet. All the Members wore different hues of the shade.

Decorating our home is an integral part of Diwali. Nandini Kanoria, an event stylist and floral designer from Bangalore, showed us how to do this with elegance and vibrancy.

Using a riot of colours, she laid a festive buffet table with a centre piece, name tag stands and a puja thali.

Using easily accessible vegetables, fruits, spices, and flowers, she created a happy fusion of colours and style.

Nandini conducts regular online workshops on different types of decor.

Her specific instructions and artistic skill were a pleasure to watch and learn.

Indeed, a colorful start to our Diwali celebrations.

Grand Diwali Celebrations - 2

26th October 2020

Myths & Superstitions about Diwali on Zoom by Dr Jai Madaan

The elegant Dr Jai Madaan is a professional expert in the science of Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vastu placements. She has earned a reputation for comprehensive astrology predictions and remedies for stress and problems in life.

She stressed on the importance of Cleanliness in Diwali, to remove the clutter and negativity from the house and within us.

Dr Madaan gave practical reasons for the rituals performed during Diwali puja, including the significance of Lakshmi, Ganesh, and Saraswati in Diwali. She advocated simple practices and rituals to bring harmony and happiness in our daily life, and emphasized – ‘To find true happiness, one must look within’

An educative and meaningful session to enhance our lifestyle and perform the Diwali puja with better understanding

Grand Diwali Celebrations - 3

30th October 2020

Diwali Dessert Delights on Zoom by Aparna Somani

The stress of planning and executing the Zoom meets over these 7 long months of lockdown was shown in a beautiful video made by our creative C wing team.

Aparna Somani, a Cordon Bleu Chef from London, demonstrated an assortment of desserts, specially catering to Diwali.

The Orange Marmalade with a dash of Cointreau was truly innovative.

The Eggless Chocolate Mousse flavored with Kalua or Tia Maria, with a drizzle of sea salt & extra virgin olive oil, looked very tempting.

Her true culinary talents surfaced in making Ghewars before an audience of 266 online members dressed in golden yellow - a daring venture indeed!

The Deconstructed Crunchy Orange Glasses were a happy mix of all the above.

Aparna used Champagne glasses to add some broken pieces of ghewar along with a mix of cream cheese, to layer the ghewars with bits of the marmalade.

She layered these in different ways, creating a medley of attractive designs.

It was a happy fusion of traditional cooking done with a modern touch.

THANK YOU RUCHIKA for our three course Diwali meets.

Grand Diwali Celebrations - 4

1st November 2020

A Sweet Diwali Gift from Ruchika Club

No Diwali meeting is complete, without taking back a token from the club.

The lockdown was no exception!

Our generous Founders, the innovative Club Advisors, and the hard-working Committee Members, had the Diwali gift couriered to every Ruchika Member.

Members of each wing were segregated area wise for easy delivery.

The festive orange carry bag had a lovely poem penned by Minaxi Laddha of ‘C’ wing pasted on it. The pista cake inside was covered with rose petals and appreciated by all.

‘Shubh Labh’ emblems were included to adorn the house.

It was a ‘sweet’ reminder – that no matter what the obstacles, RUCHIKA DOES NOT FORGET ITS TRADITIONS!!

THANK YOU RUCHIKA CLUB for our three course Diwali meets AND this sweet token of love. This is what sets us apart from the others.

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