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A Wing Meeting September 2021 - Chechak Ke Daag

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

'A’ Wing

24th September 2021

“Chechak Ke Daag” mono act by Shashwita Sharma

Rajendra Singh Bedi’s story “Chechak Ke Daag” was reminiscent of a bygone

era, with which many of us identified. It was presented with a mono performance

by the multitalented Shashwita Sharma.

Shashwita Sharma, a renowned TV artist, brought the story to life with her superb

solo performance of the several characters in the house. The subtle changes of

her expressions, her voice modulation, dances, and body movements, are truly

worthy of applause, as she brought alive the subtle nuances in each character in

the tale.

Members were fully engrossed in the play, relating well to the situation and the

characters in it. Compliments poured in at the end, with requests being made to

telecast it, again and again, to be able to fully savor the acting and the story.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with a theatrical treat, relished by the members.

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