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C Wing Meeting November 2021 - Lunch @Chinchin Chu, Worli First meet post-Covid

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

C wing

30th November 2021

The first in-person meet after a long period of trial and tribulation turned out to

be an exciting event!

The meeting started with a lot of excitement, cheer, and the sheer joy of members

meeting each other after a year and a half. The online Zoom sessions had kept us

connected, but they lacked the pleasure of bonding with friends in person.

The laughter and chatter did not cease, as each entry was greeted with shouts of

welcome. There are friends and there is family, and there are friends who become


Games were organized and played with childlike enthusiasm. Members immersed

themselves in Bazaar & World of Vegas and other fun games.

Lots of catching up and giggles were shared over the scrumptious lunch laid out by

Chin Chin.

The ambiance of the place, the variety of food, and meeting after a long absence,

added up to a joyful experience.

It is truly said, you don’t realize the value of Freedom – till they take it away.

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