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A & B Wings Meeting February 2022 - Picnic

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Picnic to SALTT, Karjat

A wing – 15th February 2022

B wing - 21st February 2022

Members car-pooled the 90-minute drive to SALTT at Karjat, a lush open-air venue,

perfect for a picnic. For both wings, it was the first physical meet after a two-year

Covid break!

February is the season of ‘Basant’ or Spring, with blooming flowers, chirping birds,

sunshine, and breeze. Members wore vibrant floral outfits to suit the season and

their elated mood.

The Welcome Drink and starters recharged the ladies. They visited the Vintage Car

collection, shopping in the Nursery shop, Coco Cart, and Akashi (the Cloth Store).

Games were played with gusto and lots of excitement. The upbeat music had the

members dancing and singing, reliving their childhood. Ruchkas bonded over the

sumptuous breakfast and lavish lunch laid out for them. Tea and snacks were served

before the ladies started their drive back home.

Everyone had a wonderful time, carrying back happy memories of a delightful day

spent in the company of friends.

A wing

B wing

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