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May 2020 - Meetings


Ruchika Club had not even bid farewell to the year 2019-2020, when the pandemic COVID 19 struck in March ’20.

Meetings were abruptly cancelled when the clarion call of NO large gatherings was announced.

But not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear the path. When it became an uphill task, it did not mean life was impossible. One learnt to overcome the obstacles as we found ways and means of ordering things online, instead of going out to buy them. Connections with friends and family were maintained on video calls, Skype, or Face-time. It was time to accept the change and become the change. We learnt to bind together and help each other. It was a time when all of us learnt to enjoy family ‘together’ time and remain connected with the world, without stepping out.

The Club decided to give their meetings a digital spin. Each wing was given charge, but members from all the wings were free to join in. No leaves had to be given for not attending. No fines were imposed. It was totally by your will, at your convenience, in the comfort of your home.

‘A’ Wing

18th May 2020

Participating and Organizing a Zoom Meeting

Speaker : Vidushi Daga of CEO of Clone Futura

Vidushi Daga, our ‘B’ wing member, Initiated the members into the intricacies of Zoom for first time users and how it was one of the best portals of connectivity for the masses. She also explained how one can become a host and organize a Zoom meeting for bhajan groups or cookery shows where they can include their circle of friends or like-minded people. An audience of 180 ladies logged in to listen and learn from Vidushi’s instructions and it was a successful endeavor, appreciated by all.

‘B’ Wing

28th May 2020

Lockdown Entertainment

Creative Videos of and by Ruchika Members

This was perhaps the most entertaining hands on experience, where 4-5 member-friends captured their creative talents of dance and song to create a 40 second video. The results were stunning. Each team chose a different topic and the song/dance passed on from one house to the other in quick succession. Participants from all the three wings let their imagination flow. Computer savvy family members helped to snip and join the different segments and insert the music. In some videos, family members also participated. It was a happy glimpse of live in the lockdown, when a collective effort can yield wonderful results.

After the 70-day quarantine, this was a lively way of injecting fun into life by visually interacting with your friends to plan it out and then recording it into a video. More than 200 members logged in to view the results. In between the videos, questions were asked, and our seasoned compere and computer expert Vidushi Daga emceed the show with expertise. She gave the tally of the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to the question asked and kept spirits high with her lively banter.

‘C’ Wing

19th May 2020

Coffee Painting Workshop

Conducted by Amrita Sequira

Amrita’s Coffee painting had a long list of things to keep handy for the workshop. Paper, pencil, erasers, brushes, rags, and water palettes for mixing the different shades of coffee and last but not the least, a hair dryer to dry your artistic talent. Amrita had chosen a butterfly as her subject – because the butterfly transforms into a beautiful free-flying being, who instills the senses with aesthetic appeal. The different light and dark shades of coffee highlighted the different parts of the butterfly. The right wing was just a splatter of colour, left to the imagination, denoting freedom from all constraints, as it soared high to new heights.

It was an engrossing process, as Amrita guided the members to create their own impressions. The final results were equally stunning, because no two portraits looked the same. Each had the individual stamp of her creator’s genius. Members posted their paintings on Instagram and Facebook, getting several appreciative ‘Thumbs Up’ in reply. An afternoon of creativity which kept the old and young fuly engrossed.

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