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March 2021 - Meetings


24th March 2021

On Zoom with Kutchipudi danseuse Nandini Nitin from Delhi

172 members joined in to celebrate Holi, attired in red, green, and yellow with a dab of gulal on their faces, to set the festive mood.

Nandini Nitin is a trained Kutchipudi dancer and a talented choreographer. She is also a pioneer of ‘Kathaen - Tales with a Twist’ (stories she told through dance) which are very popular.

Being Holi, Nandini chose ‘Holikadahan’ and ‘Vrindavan ki Holi’ to perform her beautiful mudras through dance to narrate the tales. Her expressive eyes, her articulate dance steps needed no narration – they were so expressive! A lovely poem on Holi completed her trilogy. Her quick dress changes for each narrative, kept the members engrossed in the performance.

It was a first for the club, having a classical dancer perform. But Nandini’s beauty and performance kept everyone spellbound – and those who were present, had nothing but praise for the club.


31st March 2021

On Zoom

Through a beautiful video the C wing acknowledged the main pillars of Ruchika – the Founders, Board Members, Charity team, the Exhibition Committee, Nayee Disha Supervisors, as well as the Co-Ordinator’s and Advisors – Every person who contributed to the phenomenal success of the year, despite the restrictions of the pandemic. The different charitable contributions the Club had made were highlighted. The note from the Founders’ Desk was read out by Seema Kejriwal, senior Board Member.

The new presidents of the three wings and their committees were introduced. The coming year is Ruchika’s Golden anniversary celebration – and a fervent prayer was sent heavenward, that the virus will disappear forever.

All the members showered praise on the superb organization by the Ruchika team, for the several gifts sent to every member as well as the variety of speakers and demos given through the year.

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