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C Wing Meeting June 2021 - Healing with Fragrance

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

‘C’ Wing

24th June 2021


We began this year with our first event on “Healing with fragrance” on 24th June @ 3 pm. What better way to begin the year than to live up to the motto of the club for its 50th year!!

The event was attended by 142 participants. across all 3 wings.

The event was well-received.

Jhelum narrated real-life experiences to enumerate the effects of flowers and fragrances on our emotional and physical well-being.

Jhelum shared simple ways to enhance the moods and vibes of everyone with just the right smell, making us well equipped with an alternative way to heal.

Questions raised by the members were patiently answered by the florally dressed Jhelum.

A very special thanks to All the team members for making this event seamless

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