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June 2020 - Meetings

‘A’ Wing

17TH JUNE 2020



For the A wing ladies, it was a demo by Super Chef Sangita Bhorica.

She began with a ‘Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine’. ‘Tagine’ is a wholesome and filling Moroccan dish used in shabbat dinners. Sangita used an assortment of vegetables and dry fruits like apricots and prunes along with olives and herbs, to give the dish the sweet-sour blend, which had the taste buds salivating. The different shades of the vegetables - red, green, yellow, and white made the tagine look very appetizing. The Tagine pot had an unusual funnel shaped cover when served to the table. Accompanying the Tagine was Couscous, which was stirred in a bit of olive oil and garnished with spring onions to offset the stark white.

Dessert was ‘Chocolate Chip Pizooki’. These were small biscuit-sized pizzas with lots of chocolate chips inside. Pizooki could be served with vanilla ice-cream or 2 small pizzokis could be stuck together with Nutella Sauce and baked.

The dishes when plated, looked extremely appetizing, and most of the members must have tried these unusual dishes in their kitchen. Sangita Bhotica has several U-tube videos to her credit and explained the process in a simplified manner, when presenting her culinary talent to the ladies in Ruchika’s Zoom meeting. An appetizing, mouth-watering afternoon.

‘B’ Wing

11TH JUNE 2020



The energetic and exhilarating ZUMBA session conducted by Swetha Jairam, had most of the Ruchika members work off their lockdown pent-up energy. Swetha is an accredited fitness expert, a passionate dancer and a lifestyle coach who has been conducting Zumba Fitness classes in her studio ‘Way of Life’ at Kemp’s Corner. She used peppy Hindi music to keep pace with the tempo of her movements. Cool down too had its own music, to normalize the sweating members from their adrenaline rush. Most members were active participants, but a few were voyeurs, knowing their knees and bones would not take the strain.

Like all new endeavors, this Zoom show had its own set of hiccups. At the start, the audio gave trouble due to weak internet connections. But everything was patiently sorted out by the B Wing Committee stalwarts – and the members were set to groove. All in all, it was a vigorous session in health and fitness, where fat was burnt, and calories lost. A positive gain.

‘C’ Wing

24th JUNE 2020



“One who keeps learning stays young and if the teacher is young, we stay with the times” Our young and handsome instructor Dev Mehta, was a minor of 15 years. His passion for technology led him to experiment with the different apps on his phone. He self-taught himself to rectify the photos he had taken with his mobile camera, to give them a professional look on Lightroom (Lr). This is a lot like Photoshop, where you can rectify distorted or old images.

239 Members logged in with the Lightroom app, prior to the show. The grid was activated on our mobile cameras and Dev guided us through the different aspects of enhancing the sunset picture we had clicked in advance. We experimented with the light, colours, effects and details that the App offered – and the sunset got a warmer, brighter glow. It was a magical transformation. It was an afternoon of learning. We all take photos on our phones – but till they are cleaned up with the right shade and tone, they do not really make an impact. The backlash was going back to the photo gallery, to practice again and again, till we got it right. An enlightening afternoon indeed, using the tricks and techniques taught by our young Guru!

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