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July 2020 - Meetings

‘A’ Wing

15th July 2020

Stretches to Boost Your Immunity

With Dr Ankita Delia of ‘The Art of Living’

On Zoom

Immunity is the need of the day, and to boost this, Ruchika invited Dr. Ankita Dhelia of The Art of Living Foundation, to show the ladies simple exercises.

Dr Ankita is an osteopath who uses hands-on therapy to enhance the body’s own healing capacity (Craniosacral therapy).

“No pain, no gain” said Ankita as she demonstrated exercises to relieve strain in our neck & shoulder strain, a sequence for Lymphatic Pumping. It was a happy mix of breathing and pumping exercises. The Calf pump prevented swelling in the legs. She explained how to prevent Lower Back Pain and Eye Strain and the Vagus Nerve stimulation by doing Brahmari.

Inculcating this yoga and pranayam in our daily routine, would keep our body and hormones in harmony, with stress levels low. It would also boost our immunity against infection and disease. 140 Members joined in with Ankita to perform the different poses and breathing exercises.

The simple exercises were appreciated by all the participants, being easy and effective.

Staying Safe is the need of the day.

A refreshing healthy session of awareness with an expert.

‘B’ Wing

22nd July 2020

Gayatri Gandhi’s ‘Clutter Curfew’

On Zoom

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Speaker Gayatri Gandhi, is a certified KonMari consultant and the proprietor of Joy Factory – Declutter Your Way to Happiness. She instilled in us that neatness must become a practice, not just a project – specially in today’s day and world.

Japan’s Marie Kondo’s devised the KonMari method of removing clutter and its negative energy. Ancient sciences like Feng Sui and Vastu Shastra have always advocated cleanliness, to increase productivity.

The KoMari method begins by asking yourself the question ‘Does this Spark Joy in me? Through this, you first sort out what you do not need. Placing items of the same category together, helps in removing the unwanted extra stuff. The process is to Collect, Chose, Scrap and Store. If the mess makes you depressed, motivate yourself by visualizing a neat surface. Store things smartly in square or rectangular boxes, instead of round ones. Stack the boxes vertically on top of each other, so each item is visible. Compartmentalize things into slots to place back after use. Do not dust and keep back things you do not use. Give them away. There may be Sentimental attachment to certain things. This nostalgia could be a recipe for disaster. Lastly, no matter how daunting the task, keep going. Do not quit or give up midway. The final result will be truly fulfilling.

Gayatri demonstrated folding clothes, both Indian and western, the KonMari way. She used slides to show how she had decluttered overflowing cupboards, tables top, bathrooms - and the difference was startling.

It was an inspiring talk that should motivate us to start doing our Diwali cleaning the KonMari way – to Spark Joy in our lives by removing negativity.

‘C’ Wing

30th July 2020

A Divine Talk by Sister Shivani on Zoom

Shivani Verma attended the Brahmakumari Meetings with her parents at an early impressionable age – and they left an indelible mark on her.

She urged the members to believe in their own choices and not go by the opinion of others. Be confident, because no one knows the real YOU better than yourself. Practice self-love to do what you think is right – no matter what others say. Do not react to negativity and lapse into self-abuse or depression. Forgiveness is simple because ''The act he performed will only affect his own karma, not mine”

Train your mind to become a ‘Diya’ or ‘Giver’. Be a Beacon of Light and the provider in the house. Be emotionally strong because you are a ‘Nari’ who gives birth, and educate yourself from the womb (grabha sanskar)

Disregard peer pressure. Be Detached. Conjoined twins share similar emotions. Be that change. When one is sad, the other should cheer him up. When one falls in a hole, the other should be strong to pull him out.

Attachments lead to Expectations. Be Detached, energize your batteries daily.

Meditate with positive thoughts. Let your first and last thought be pure. This will give inner peace and create positive vibrations through the house.

Every child is born with his/her destiny. But our sanskar/destiny can be changed with willpower. Like the Dandiya Ras is a beautiful dance if performed rhythmically, or a raging battle of blows.

Disciplining children is very important. Teach them to adapt and adjust, so they do not get dejected if they cannot have their way. Be a ‘Parent’ and not a ‘Friend’ to control and correct them.

Sr Shivani spoke with conviction and confidence. She answered the questions with spontaneity and skill. It was indeed an enlightening afternoon of self-realization, dwelling on the flaws we needed to correct, to improve our lives.

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