• Aniket Rane

Joint Arabic Fiesta

Great Room, Four Seasons, Worli

28th March 2022

The grand finale to end the year was a gala event – An Arabic Fiesta, with all the three wings joining in.

The Great Hall was decked in Arabic décor to suit the theme, with oriental drapes, hookahs, and a camel cut out adorning the stage. Our compere for the evening was dressed as a Sheikh in a white robe and head-dress.

It was a complete package of Arabic and Sufi dances, belly dance, jugglery, and magic tricks. A Tarot Card reader had her own table at the back with members lining up for their turn. There were ball games and other entertainment as well.

The Ruchikas were adorned according to the theme, looking resplendent in their Arabic Avtar. Members were welcomed in the traditional way with a dap of Oudh it on the wrist.

The three Presidents introduced the program, and the committee members came dancing in a pretty parade, each one looking beautiful. Prizes were given to the best-dressed member.

Four Seasons laid out an assortment of Arabic food. Hummus, Khuskhus, a vegetable stew, Muttabbaq Fattoush, and several herbed breads. Walnut Gulkand Halwa and ice-cream cones with rich toppings of dry fruits gave the ladies a gastronomic high.

It was a wonderful physical meet after the long spell of Zoom meetings.

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