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January 2021 - Meetings

‘A’ Wing

12th January 2021

‘My Health My Responsibility’ By Dr Kalpesh Shah

Joint Replacement Surgeon from Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad

On Zoom

Dr Kalpesh Shah is a popular senior surgeon of Orthopedics, from Shalby Hospitals, Ahmedabad. He specializes in Arthroplasty, as well as Knee and Hip Replacements.

The good doctor patiently explained to over 330 ladies of varying ages, how the aging process and all the problems of aches and pains can be avoided by following the right lifestyle. Lifestyle changes were advocated like keeping weight in check, following a healthy nutritive diet, with occasional indulge in junk foods and most importantly, exercising regularly for maintaining our muscles and bones.

With the help of a Power Point presentation, Dr Shah showed us how overall deterioration and damage can be avoided. With 9,000 joint replacement surgeries to his credit, he was showing us the way to avoid his operating table!

Popping pain killers to alleviate unbearable pain was NOT a solution.

A total lifestyle change was our only savior.

After his talk, Dr Shah patiently fielded a volley of questions for various problems. He explained everything in an easy manner which satisfied the members.

An informative, interactive session which kept the members attentive.

‘B’ Wing

7th January 2021

‘The World on a Plate’

On Zoom

The beautiful young Geetanjali Maheshwari, daughter-in-law of Suman Maheshwari (A’ wing) was a pleasure to watch, as she displayed her culinary talents in her picturesque garden in Indore, where she currently lives with her husband and two teenage children.

Since these were internationally favored recipes, Gitanjali started with a blend of different cheese, to create the French Cherry Tomato Basil Cheese Log, served with baguette or melba toast. The perfect start to set the taste buds salivating.

The Korean Bibim Bap Rice, was a happy mix of several vegetables stir fried separately and then mixed in the rice with spicy gochujang sauce. Just the dish to add spicy pep to the food.

Dessert was Coffee Biscoff Sandesh Mousse, leaving a sweet of India and the west. These were out-of-the-box recipes, with the Gitanjali touch. A thoroughly enjoyable visual afternoon, with many new dishes to try out.

Bon Appetite Ladies!

‘C’ Wing

21st January 2021

Makeup by Sapna Vaid

On Zoom

“Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face”.

Starting with the eyes, Sapna Vaid demonstrated easy and correct techniques to hide the flaws, and enhance the different parts of our face, with the right products and shades to suit each skin type.

Using an assortment of brushes, she showed us the makeup hacks, to give that subtle, classy look to suit every occasion.

Sapna then did a makeover on one of the committee members – and the difference in the final appearance was a startling head turner, applauded by the viewers.

Sapna answered the queries posted in the chat, even as she was doing the makeover. It was an eye opener, for the ladies who use make up rarely.

Every woman is beautiful. The trick is to enhance and emphasize it with the correct makeup. A necessary learning session for all ages.

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