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February 2021 - Meetings

‘A’ Wing

23rd February 2021

The Key to Happiness

With ISRA Trainers Sneha Shah & Shashank Gupta

On Zoom

“What Makes You Most Happy?” our young trainers asked us. Shashank & Sneha are Directors of ISRA, a global community which focuses on healing your life, reaching your goals, and maximizing your potential.

Using slides, they proved how true Happiness depended 90% on the way you think. Anger and anxiety resulted in disease, and emotional turmoil, leading to depression. A positive change within, was the need of the day.

Children of ‘A’ wing’s Deepa Gupta, this brother sister team were in total sync, sharing a harmonious relationship. Their 45-minute talk included all their key points. During the Q&A session, they answered the queries satisfactorily.

An eye opener for many of us, who like to indulge in self-pity! A wake-up call to forget the pains of the past, not dwell on the expectations of the future. Life was about accenting and enjoying the Present moment!

‘B’ Wing

11th February 2021

‘DHAMAL MASTI’ – Tasks, Quizzes, Performances & more On Zoom

Grouping members in teams of four at one location, to use both brains and brawn while participating in the given tasks – was almost like a virtual meeting, which witnessed some standout candid moments!

Everyone was having a gala time laughing and happy to get out of the hibernation at home.

The games were a mixed bag of dances, yoga poses, collecting the new currency notes, decoding numbers, and answering quizzes. Fastest finger first to load their videos and give the right answers won the round. It was back to school days, so high was the sporting spirit! An ‘Ultimate Games Afternoon’ with enthusiastic participants.

The Organizing Committee had a tough time afterwards, choosing worthy winners. Members relished tea and snacks while waiting.

Loud cheers and jubilation greeted the results. Though everyone was in a different space, Zoom connected them all – spectators, participants, and the organizers.

A fun afternoon of fellowship and bonding!!

‘C’ Wing

15th February 2021

‘Valentine’s Day Special by RJ Ruchika’ on Zoom

On Zoom

Hats off to Minaxi Laddha as RJ Ruchika! She stole our hearts and the show!

The right attire matching her cheerful RJ voice was captivating.

Couple that with a medley of romantic songs, member’s choices, dedicated to their loved ones, friends and family. Anup sang the requests with his partner accompanying him on a guitar.

A lovely change, embodying the true spirit of creativity and innovation – which the C wing symbolize.

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge….!

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