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December 2020 - Meetings

Joint Musical Housie

Monday, 14th December 2020

Musical Housie by Sushil Vishrani

To end the year on a memorable note, Ruchika conducted a Bollywood Musical Housie hosted by Sushil Vishrani on Zoom.

Members enjoyed the lovely blend of old nostalgic black & white songs, the 70s & 80s musicals, Rajasthani & Punjabi dance numbers, and a few new movie songs.

Several prizes were announced. Besides the Jaldi 7, 4 Corners, Single Lines, Couple Lines, and 3 Full Houses, prizes were given for Musical Quizzes, where members guessed the song from the music played. Everyone participated enthusiastically.

Sushil ji’s lively compering, had everyone craving for more. His daughter Urmi assisted him by checking the winning tickets, as he continued to entertain the 250 online members with his music videos.

The 33 Prize Winners were rewarded with a mala made at Nayee Disha, our Vocational Centre – a memory to cherish and wear with pride.

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