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B Wing Meeting December 2022 - Synopsis

B wing

15th December 2022

Ahuja Towers banquet hall, Prabhadevi

Fear is what stops you, Courage is what keeps you going.

B wing organized a Fear Factor Games theme program for its members on 15th December 2022 at Ahuja Towers Banquet Hall, Prabhadevi.

Members were divided in 4 teams - Red, Blue, White, and Pink.

At the time of registration, they were made to wear their respective color wristbands.

The host, Rahul, started with announcing all the rules and regulations. The program kicked off with the Iron Toes game in which members had to pick marbles from a bucket full of ice with their toes and place them in another container. Followed by a game of live earthworms, where members had to hand-pick the earthworms from one bowl held by one of their teammates and transfer them to another.

Courage was required to hand-pick them.

Similarly, many daring games were played! Putting drops of hot wax on hand, drinking juice of as many lemons as possible in a minute, eating chili pickle, lock and keys, and so on.

In the end, each team played a ball-balancing game.

After this, there was DJ music for members to dance on.

The results were announced.

The white team won with 1050 points.

The pink team was the runner-up.

It was also awarded additional points for the best color-coordinated team. The winning teams were awarded with chocolates.

Members were treated with mouth-watering South Indian cuisine. Starting with freshly made sugarcane juice, rasam, Dal vada, and paniyaram, there was a full-fledged layout of South Indian dishes. For the sweet tooth, there was kulfi and pineapple seera. To complete the cuisine, South Indian filter coffee and paan were served.

On the whole, it was a unique experience with a very unusual theme

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