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August 2021 - Founders Day Celebration

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Founders Day Celebration

24th August 2021

Jt. Founders Day Celebrations

From Retro to Metro – Zoom Meet

Ruchika’s golden anniversary program was a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The 4 Founders gave the keynote address. Pushpaji Kejriwal inaugurated the new

Members Directory, given as a memento to every member. Ashaji Jhunjhunwala read out

a beautiful poem. Sumitraji Shroff pledged to continue to empower young girls.

Saritaji Shroff explained how the idea of starting a new club had germinated – resulting in

the birth of Ruchika on 24th August 1972.

The theme of the Zoom meeting was RETRO to METRO, showing the changes that came

with time. Past Presidents of the 3 wings showcased dances, skits, and songs – graceful,

humorous, and melodious. The skits explained how the club came about and the way it has

enhanced knowledge and social skills among the members.

Charities done in August were shown through a video.

The new website was launched. It was accessible on mobile and iPad for people on the go.

The site was linked to Ruchika’s Facebook and Instagram accounts - for regular updates.

The Club has certainly come a long way – growing in numbers from 11 to presently 410

members and raising its own standards, through the passage of time.

The dream visualized by the 4 Founders will be carried forward by our younger generation

of talented Ruchikas. 

It was about planning the work - and then working on the plan.

The right way to make Ruchika’s future meaningful.

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