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August 2020 - Meetings


24th August 2020

Zoom Workshop on Warli Lettering

With Bindal Shah of ‘Artezvouz’

The 49th Founders Day Celebrations were a series of Triple meetings on Zoom.

The first of these was a Warli Art workshop, conducted by Bindal Shah of Artezvous, which promotes upcoming artists and different art forms.

The meeting started with Ganesh Vandana and a tribute to all our Corona Warriors. The Founders and Past Presidents were duly acknowledged for their contribution to the Club.

Warli painting is a tribal art still practiced in Maharashtra. These rudimentary wall paintings are basic geometric shapes like a circle, a triangle, and a square. They symbolize the different elements of nature. The circle represents the sun and the moon, the triangle depicts mountains and pointed trees, the square is a piece of land and humans are shown as two inverse triangles joined at the tips.

300 Ruchika members participated in the workshop under Bindal’s expert guidance to make a *Happy Birthday* card.

Members proudly flaunted their artwork on the screen on completion. Ladies were thrilled to master the style in just one workshop! An extremely successful start to our Founders Day.


25th August 2020

Cooking Demo by Chef Harsh Shodhan

On Zoom

Harsh Shodhan is an out-of-the-box chef, who doesn’t believe in sticking strictly to the recipe. He lets the different flavors of the food, blend and intermingle like the colours in a painting.

Using a happy mix of Lebanese, Palestinian and Arabic dishes, he showed us Baked Fatteh with fried pita bread, labneh and hummus, sprinkled with pine nuts. Green Chana and Feta Cheese Falafels were the side dish, accompanied with the caramelized onion dip which had both the tangy Balsamic vinegar and the sweet Maple syrup.

A thoroughly satisfying and gastronomic meal, though not exactly low calorie!

Ruchika Club had thoughtfully sent us ingredients like Zatar powder, Sumac, Pine-nuts, Sesame seeds and a copy of the recipe. No need to source these in the lockdown! Harsh’s easy, innovative style left us very satiated.


27th August 2020

Geode Coasters with Sakshee Vijay

The third workshop celebrated individual creativity.

Ruchika Club had provided members with the plastic coaster molds, the resin and hardener bottles, as well as the powder colours to shade the coasters. Ice-cream sticks and paper cups were also included, to mix and prepare the shades.

Sakshee guided us through the process, showing us 3 different designs to choose from. It was all about personal creativity, as the resin flowed freely in the molds and set in its own pattern.

The beautiful coasters with the touch of gold, are beautiful reminder of a happy afternoon of learning a new art.

Thank you, Ruchika Club for the three glorious days of celebration!

Looking forward to our Golden Anniversary in 2021!!

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